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Why do Scotland fans clean up after matches?

Apart from having one of the best fanbases in Europe, the culture of Scottish fans on and off the pitch has been admired by millions worldwide.

Like the Japanese fans who clean stadiums in major world tournaments like the FIFA World Cup, Scotland fans have also displayed a similar tradition albeit on fewer occasions.

This post looks into Scotland fans clean up, so read on for more.

Scotland fans clean up
A Tartan Army member spotted in a past tournament. Photo by Icon Sport

Clean up after matches – why does the Tartan Army do it?

With more than 200,000 Scotland fans expected in the German capital for the Euro 2024, the Tartan Army clean-up efforts will get even bigger after their matches and Euro Festival.

Scotland fans are known to clean up after matches, a tradition that thrives on.

Cleaning up spaces is a behaviour taught in high school but for Scottish fans in major tournaments like the Euro, street parties before, during and after matches are often a recipe for cleaning up litter in the aftermath. It is a conscious decision toward environmental conservation and a show of respect to host cities and opponents.

Memorable Scotland fans clean up

The Tartan Army have not only been known to wreak havoc in major football tournaments but also for good reasons, such as cleaning up and winning awards for their good behaviour. Cleaning up cities after parties is often a show of respect to opponents.

Euro 2020 – Scotland fans clean up Leicester Square

Before the Auld enemy matchup in the Euro 2020, the Tartan Army received praises for their clean-up efforts in Leicester Square. Steve Clarke's outfit secured an important point against the Three Lions in a game that ended in a 0-0 stalemate.

Leicester City Square was full of litter but several Scottish fans descended on it and cleaned up the city. In the process, they declined media interviews, saying it was all about cleaning and nothing else.

There was a huge clean-up exercise in Central London by the Tartan Army, noting that they divided themselves into groups – one at the King's Cross and another at Hyde Park.

Even though the exercise went against social distancing at the time, it was a commendable effort following a chaotic street party that London police termed ‘boisterous'.

Scotland fans in Euro 2024: Will there be another clean-up exercise?

The behaviour of football fans is often unpredictable, so the question of why Scotland fans clean up after matches emerges again as they head to  Germany for the 2024 European Championship.

Interestingly, the Tartan Army will play the opening clash against the Euro 2024 host nation, a game that may decide the fate of both teams in the competition.

Scotland will then play Switzerland and finally Hungary in the group stages. There is no ‘Auld enemy' clash in the group stages, so we may not see a wild Tartan Army on the stands.

However, should a meeting with England happen in the later stages of the Euro204, the Tartan Army will be awakened to the reality of facing an opposition they have been unable to defeat for a very long time.

T-shirts printed ‘No Scotland, No Party' are now available on Fun Hub ahead of the Euro 2024. Let the party begin in Munich, Cologne and Stuttgart!

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