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Oddsmonkey vs Profit Accumulator: which matched betting site to pick up?

Matched betting is an excellent way to create some side income. This highly competitive segment sees the OddsMonkey vs Profit Accumulator battle play out for supremacy.

Benefits Available for Free Customers – OddsMonkey Wins


The world of matched betting can provide a lot of benefits for a punter, who can quite possibly make a monthly income out of it. The two big platforms in matched betting, OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator, offers different kind of advantages for new customers.

Profit Accumulator comes with the advantage of a free trial for new customers wherein the platform will be teaching the opportunity to pick up £45 profit, which will be spread over two offers. The user does not have to pay anything to pick up this knowledge and profit. The free trial manages to cover all the key ingredients like the calculator and oddsmatching software. Even though there is only limited access to the software and member area, users will be able to gain from basic customer support to understand concepts. 4

OddsMonkey also comes with the option of using the oddsmatcher tool for free and making up to £45 in profits. The user need not come up with any credit card details to sign up for the offer, which comes embedded with many training guides that are designed to help users who are new to the concept of matched betting. Just like Profit Accumulator, users will be able to get only basic support through any of the online options. The advantage of not providing any means that users can cancel at any time during the trial period without any major liabilities. 5

Benefits Available for Premium Customers – OddsMonkey wins

OddsMonkey and Profit Accumulator come with a range of premium services that unlike many features on the platform. The premium user will be able to access training videos, better calculators, fully functional tools, forums, better customer support, and many other advantages.

Profit Accumulator comes with a premium package that can be available on a monthly or annual basis. The price for a monthly package would be £19.99 while the annual package will cost £150. Both these packages can be cancelled at any time depending on the user’s wish. Despite the different time frames, both packages are similar in terms of their ability to provide access to more than 100 bonuses from bookmakers. There are many video tutorials available for newcomers, who can also make use of the full forum access to interact with other members. All software is provided access under the premium package, which stands to benefit from updated info about all the new offers. 4

OddsMonkey also has a similar charge when it comes to monthly or annual packages, as they are available at £19.99 per month or £180 per year respectively. There are more than 100 video tutorials along with several training guides that are available as part of the package. The biggest difference, though, will be the availability of many tools like Racing Matcher, Each Way Matcher, Dutch Matcher, Daily Offer Calendar, AccaMatcher, and more. There is no limitation of the tools available for a premium user, who can also make use of the comprehensive customer support provided through different means. If a user wants to cancel at any stage, they will receive 100% refund if it is done within 30 days. 5

Features Available on the Platforms

Unlike in a regular form of betting, matched betting involves a lot of mathematical calculations that ultimately form the basis of success. For this reason, a number of features and tools are available for a punter.

Guides for Members – OddsMonkey wins

Profit Accumulator comes out with a decent number of video tutorials even for free members. The tutorial will come with a number of instructions that have to be followed studiously. A member will be getting the opportunity to learn all the basics about creating an account with a bookmaker, searching for appropriate bets, using the oddsmatcher tool, using the calculator, and more. Since it is available in an easy-to-understand video format, members are unlikely to have no issues in getting to know about the concept. The information about the first bookmaker is also available so that the members will know more about the initial welcome offer and the techniques to profit from the same. There is also information about the second bookmaker their welcome offer. 4

OddsMonkey is a little better when it comes to the guides offered. The user will get five tutorials to watch. These tutorials will cover aspects like the matched betting guide, betting exchanges guide, information about the premium odds search, and data about the first and second signup offers. All this is comprehensive information that can be used quite diligently by a punter for maximising the profits even when they are a free member on the platform. Obviously, a paid member gets access to the full list of tutorials that happens to be slightly better in terms of presentation and knowledge. 5

Calculator Tool – Profit Accumulator Wins

profit accumulator 2020

Profit Accumulator comes with a comprehensive calculator tool that can be instrumental in identifying the lay odds and back odds that would give a good profit. The tool has been designed extremely well and it is easy to understand within a few minutes. There are options to include the back stake, back odds, and back commission when trying to start with the tool. The lay section can also be split up into multiple avenues that even include an option to enter the commission. All these make it easy to identify the market that would give the best returns. Apart from the sports exchange and profit, that will also provide the liability amount. The calculator also works for the free and qualifying bets. Even though the functionality is similar to the tool offered by OddsMonkey, it is the design that changes the outcome of this contest. 5

OddsMonkey offers a calculator tool that is quite informative and well designed. The profits for the free bet and qualifying bet can be calculated using this tool, which gives exact figures for the back and lay sections. Now, all it takes for a punter is to enter the stake amount, lay odds, and back odds. The tool will provide information about the sports exchange’s liability along with the lay bet. The total profit that can be created by the offer is also displayed. One should be aware that the liability amount always happens to be more than the amount placed with the bookmaker. If the odds are higher, the profit will also be higher and the liability will also increase. Even though the calculator has a number of features, it is let down in design compared to the Profit Accumulator calculator tool 4.

Customer Support – Profit Accumulator wins

For users who are looking to get in touch with the OddsMonkey supported, there are options available throughout the week. One can make use of messaging, social media platforms, email, and other options to resolve their queries. The support hours are available from 9 AM to 7 PM throughout the week. 4

Profit Accumulator also offers support through different means like email, phone, social media accounts, and more. The support timings, however, are slightly reduced compared to OddsMonkey, as all forms of support are open only from 9 AM to 5 PM. Even then, one can expect to get support from Monday to Sunday without any issues. Most of the basic information regarding the platform are out in the open. This also reduces the need to seek support from a professional. 5

Summary and Verdict of the Matched Betting Platforms – OddsMonkey Wins

Profit Accumulator comes out with a great software that can help punters excel in the profits that they generate from each market. Of course, matched betting has the potential to succeed when there is enough liquidity, which is not a concern on major competitions like the English Premier League. The calculator provided by the Profit Accumulator platform is an excellent tool that can help calculate the stake, liability amount, and several other parameters. It manages to do all the hard work in an aesthetically pleasing way. Crucially, the calculator is the biggest advantage Profit Accumulator has over OddsMonkey. Other advantages include a clean design, user friendly site, and transparent prices.

OddsMonkey manages to win this contest as a result of having a platform that is very easily understandable even for newcomers to the world of matched betting. The fees happen to be very transparent and it could be refunded inside 30 days. The availability of different forms of customer support makes OddsMonkey ideal for newcomers to this concept or site. After factoring in all the positives and it was, it is easy to arrive at the conclusion that OddsMonkey is the better of the matched betting sites – especially for a beginner.

last update : November 2023

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