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Top Football Tipsters to Follow on Twitter

An intro to free football tips

Hunting for free football tips is certainly nothing new in the online betting market today. This is a strategy that many people have used to try and pick the minds of some of the experts associated with football, and of course, players can take advantage of the tips to place their own bets. If you have explored this idea before, you are no doubt aware that there are plenty of sites and individuals out there today that claim to have the best free football tips. Naturally, there will be guys, girls, and teams out there that tend to come up with better free football tips than others, and many of them can be found on Twitter.

This is actually what we will be focusing on throughout this post, as we aim to identify some of the best free football tips services on Twitter in 2024. Some of the Twitter accounts that we will be discussing in this post have thousands of followers, and the best part is that they tend to come up with free tips on a daily basis. This means that you can find free football tips for domestic football as well as football games taking place overseas.

As we mentioned, Twitter isn't the only place where you can find free football tips online today. There are actually websites out there that focus exclusively on this service, although some sites try to suck people in with a premium charge in order to pay to receive the absolute best tips that are available. We believe that this isn't really necessary in this day and age, as there is such a wealth of information out there online for free.

So without further ado, let's get started and see why Twitter is one of the best spots for free football tips.

Free football tips on Twitter

We've already mentioned before that Twitter is one of the best platforms to unearth free football tips in 2024, but let's now delve into a bit more detail for why we believe this to be the case. There are actually several reasons why Twitter is such a great platform to source these tips, and we have identified this information for you below.

Daily updates

Of course, if you are involved in sports betting on a fairly regular basis, it is only natural that you then want to find a service that provides you with tipster updates as regularly as possible. Through the various accounts that we'll be discussing on Twitter, you can find free football tips basically every single day, so you can take advantage of as many of these as you please. It is perfectly normal to find tips associated with the Premier League, top-tier European leagues, lower leagues in England, and also various leagues in other parts of the world.

Completely free

Just to reiterate, all of the tips that you will be able to read through the Twitter accounts that we've identified will always be available to view for free. This is what makes the various Twitter accounts so good in the first place, as you do not need to spend a penny yourself, yet you will be receiving some of the best football betting tips available online today. With this in mind, we would recommend that you follow as many of the most reputable tipster accounts as you can, as this will give you a broader scope of tips and maybe even increase your chances of getting success in the markets.

Community participation

This is a factor that is sometimes forgotten, but since Twitter is a social media platform, you can actually enjoy a good deal of community engagement through each of the accounts. Whether this is through followers that are commenting on tips, banter going back and forth between players, or even just exciting news pieces that are posted on the same account, you can engage with it all. Obviously the primary element that you will want to keep a note of is the free betting tips, but it’s cool to have some other features that are also associated with following a person or a team on Twitter.

Screenshots of results

If we are going to face facts, it would be pretty easy these days to set up a Twitter account and claim to be winning every single bet that we have predicted. Unfortunately, there are people that tend to do this in this day and age, but as you can imagine, there is no authenticity behind operating in this way. That's why the very best accounts on Twitter will always supply a screenshot of the wagers that they have predicted and also backed themselves, which can help to give the followers more peace of mind.

Overall return

With free betting tips being published on almost a daily basis, it goes without saying that the potential return on the associated bets will go up and down. However, the very best accounts will tend to show followers what their overall return has been for a set time period. This helps to back up the fact that they are predicting events with some degree of success over the long run, and of course, if you chose to mimic their betting activity, the idea is that you will also achieve a return that is similar to what is stated.

James Murphy – 86K+ followers

The first Twitter account that we highly recommend that you follow is by James Murphy. You kind of get an idea for the vibe of this Twitter account by one of the taglines that are posted on the page, as it states that ‘James Murphy has managed to transform a measly £25 into £1K more times than the famous Ronaldo has had eyebrow waxing done’! Obviously there’s an element of humour to how Murphy actually operates this account, but he has performed rather well in football betting tips during his relatively short period of posting football tips.

There are rumours that Murphy has surpassed the 1,000% return mark, and he regularly comes up with awesome accumulator predictions and markets that you wouldn’t usually think of as an average sports bettor. As you can also see, Murphy has more than 86K followers, which is reasonable.

Pinchbet – 3000%+ return in just a few years (claim)

While it is obviously pretty difficult to try and track the return of a Twitter account, since they are somewhat reluctant to publish specific spreadsheets (of course), the team at Pinchbet claim to have achieved a return in excess of 3,000% in just a few years. Obviously this is an absolutely whopping return, which is probably why this Twitter account has so many thousands of followers. Unlike the account that we have just discussed above, Pinchbet is run by a team of people, which is why you generally find that there are more football betting tips provided here than those provided by individual Twitter accounts.

Andy Robson tips – 300K+ followers

Although this Twitter account makes it seem like there is just one man involved with posting the free football betting tips, there is actually an entire team of people working behind the scenes. Not only is this Twitter account usually successful with their sports betting tips on the whole, but their football betting tips seem to regularly be on point. This is clearly backed up by the amount of interest in the free football tips that they provide as well, as there are more than 300,000 followers at the time of writing.

Mark O’Haire – football statistician with good returns

As much as we believe that the proof is in the pudding with free football tips services, it is always good to find an account where the operator has some kind of involvement with betting in the first place. In the case of Mark O’Hare, he has actually been a statistician for some of the leading bookmakers in the nation, and he regularly writes about sports betting as more of a side career. Mark might not have the hundreds of thousands of followers that other accounts do, but if you look at the tips he has recently posted, it is clear that he goes for quality over quantity.

Geordie Tipster – 90K+ followers 

The final account that we recommend you check out is the Geordie Tipster. Much like the first account that we discussed, there is plenty of banter flying around through this Twitter account, but this is also combined with some excellent football tips. The team at the Geordie Tipster seems to focus more on high-level football rather than the lower leagues, and this also has its side benefits too. If you only bet on the higher leagues through your online accounts, it is more likely that you might unearth some exclusive bonuses to go along with the tips, which is always a positive thing.

Note: this article is an independent ranking of the top tipsters on Twitter. No payment or advantages have been provided to FGG.

Nick Gallagher

Nick Gallagher is a betting expert with six years of experience writing content for sports betting in the United Kingdom. He grew up playing competitive football and studied at the University of York, so he knows and loves the ins and outs of sports, writing about sports, and betting on sports.

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