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What is a scorecast bet: Tips & Rules

scorecast tips


There are loads of bets you can make in football today, but the scorecast markets are often quite exciting for bettors to look into. Just to give you an insight into what a scorecast bet actually is, this is where you bet on who the first person to score a goal will be in a game. The bet doesn’t end there either, for you also combine this with what the final score of the game will be. As you can see, this is quite a difficult bet to get correct, but then again, the flip side is that you can often get huge odds for this market.

Huge odds basically translates into a greater return if you are able to get the scorecast bet correct, and generally speaking, you’ll have the option to make a scorecast bet ahead of most football games. These bets can be made at any leading football betting site, and to find these markets, you just need to select your game and look for that specific section.

As highlighted already, scorecast bets can be really exciting for a bunch of reasons, and we do have a few tips for you to make use of when exploring these markets. Simply read on for full details.

Tips for making a scorecast bet

Just to reiterate, these bets are fairly difficult to get correct, but if you use the tips shown in this category, you might just have a better run of things.

Tip #1 – look for an in-form goalscorer

Since the scorecast markets are all about who will score the goals and what the end result will bet, it goes without saying that you should be looking at who scores goals for each team. This can be seen through exploring the league’s statistics, and through looking at the previous form for each team. For example, if you know that a team has a goal-scorer such as Ronaldo in the squad, it’s always going to be a good bet on him to score first, even though it isn’t a guarantee.

Of course, it might just be the case that a random player has ‘got hot’ in recent games, and this is often a good shout too. For example, you might get an attacking midfielder who has scored in each of the previous 3 games, but they haven’t scored at all before these 3 games.

Tip #2 – look at previous games for both teams

While the first goal scorer has a clear area that you should be investigating, it can be a little trickier when trying to guess the correct score. That is because there are just so many factors to consider, but one of the best ways to get a more accurate picture of what might occur is to look at recent form. You might want to look into the previous 5 games for an idea of the form that each team might be in, and of course, the area that you should be looking at is how many goals each time has scored and how many goals they have each conceded.

If you wanted to get a little technical about things, you could calculate the average for each of these factors over the last 5 games, but it’s entirely up to you.

Tip #3 – look for a dark horse for a better return

Coming back to the first goalscorer now, you might want to look for an outsider or a dark horse to score first for a better return. Just to give you an idea of where you can find these more appealing markets, you might want to look at attacking midfielders or midfielders that have a track record of going for goal from outside the box. If you were feeling really adventurous, however, you could even go for a defender to score first, which might happen from a corner or another set-piece.

Tip #3 – understand home and away form

This is a factor that many sports bettors do not take into account, but it’s a really important factor to consider for scorecast bets. If you discover that a team always scores more goals away than at home, which would be unusual, you can simply factor this into your predictions. If you find out that one team always concedes goals at home, you can also factor this in – you get the idea!

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Important rules to note

Scorecast betting can be difficult to understand, not to mention that it can be difficult to bet on in the first place. There are a few rules that you should be aware of in scorecast betting, and we’ve highlighted them for you below.

If the first goal is an own-goal

In the event that the first goal of the game is actually an own goal, then this bit of the bet will simply be carried over onto who the next goal scorer is. Don’t worry, if you’ve bet on a player such as Messi to score first and one of his teammates manages to scuff the ball into the back of his own net, your bet is still alive and kicking.

If your chosen player doesn’t play

This can sometimes be the case with scorecast markets, especially if you bet on the game well in advance. With that said, if it turns out that your chosen player doesn’t actually make their way onto the pitch at all, then your bet will simply be settled as a correct score market.

If your player comes on after the initial goal

Much like the scenario identified above, if your selected player comes on the pitch as a substitute after the first goal has been scored, then your market will go down as a single bet on the final score. Once again, this gives you a certain degree of protection against this event if it happens.

With a bit of luck, none of these situations will occur, but if they do, at least you know where you stand!


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