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Atletico Madrid Stadium

Wanda Metropolitano

Capacity: 68,456 (all seated)
Club Nickname: Los Rojiblancos (The Red and Whites)
Year Opened: 1994
Pitch Size: 105m x 68m
Address: Plaza de Grecia, 28022 Madrid, Spain
Phone: 902 26 04 03
Pitch Type: Grass
Shirt Sponsors: Ria Money Transfer
Ticket Office: 902 26 04 03
StadiumTours: 902 26 04 03
Undersoil Heating: No
Manufacturer: Nike
Home Kit: Red, White, and Blue
Away Kit: Dark Blue and Red
Last Update : 4th November 2021

What’s the Wanda Metropolitano like?

The Wanda Metropolitano is the new home of Spanish outfit Atletico Madrid, who used to play at the Estadio Vicente Calderon. In order to provide supporters with modern and expensive facilities, Atletico came out with plans to build the stadium in 2011 and it was completed in 2017. As one of the modern stadiums in the world, one can expect a high level of convenience, technology, and features.

The stadium might be new, but it sticks with the traditional European style. As a result, the stadium has a bowl-like appearance but there are four different sections: Fondo Norte, Fondo Sur, Lateral Este, and Lateral Oeste. All these sections happen to possess three tiers along with many executive seats and boxes. The Fondo Sur is the location for concession stands and concerts. A dedicated zone is set aside for families in the Fondo Norte, which also happens to get most of the non-smoking areas. In fact, there are 19,000 seats set aside for non-smoking fans and this is a game changer in Spanish football.

The Vicente Calderon is famous for fans being very close to the pitch. Wanda Metropolitano almost tries to replicate this situation by placing most of the fans – except those in the Lateral Oeste – in a location that is very close to the pitch. In fact, the north-east corner of the stadium happens to be the closest fans can sit near the pitch, as it is only 5.89 m away.

The western section of the stadium will honour some of the legends, who have represented in more than 100 games for the club. This tribute section is followed up by a number of red-and-white flags in the south-west part of the stadium. All these present a ton of photograph opportunities. Unlike in many Spanish stadiums where fans have to face the brunt of elements, almost 96% of the seating capacity at the Wanda Metropolitano is covered. All spectators will be treated to a number of safety measures in the stands and even during traffic management.

Pubs for Away Fans

As the capital city of Spain, Madrid has a number of opportunities to enjoy the culture and nightlife apart from being able to watch football. Some of the best pubs for an away supporter in Madrid would be:


The s10bar is widely considered as the best sports bar in Madrid with its focus on delicious food and cold beer. Unlike in some of the places where the food can be quite artificial, s10bar specialises in providing home-made and modern style food. The place has plenty of TV screens and a huge bar that is well stocked up with a load of varieties. One can also be assured of electric atmosphere when Real Madrid or Atletico Madrid games are around.

James Joyce Irish Pub Madrid

This is an Irish bar that is certainly worth visiting while you are in Madrid. This was a great venue for watching sports action, as it not only streams football but a lot of international sports are also on offer. For example, you might even catch rugby and NFL games when football is not on the menu. There is also a lot of live music that goes on for added zing and entertainment. This is truly a multipurpose venue that can provide plenty of delicious food and drinks as well.


This is an excellent Irish Pub which manages to provide all the ingredients for a brilliant night – excellent food, live football, and great atmosphere. The place also specialises in a load of Spanish cuisine, which features at the top of the menu. Furthermore, you will also be able to get a load of English food as well.

What is it like for visiting supporters?

The visit to Wanda Metropolitano is likely to be memorable for visiting supporters unless they find themselves supporting Real Madrid in a derby match. The passionate supporters of Atletico Madrid make quite a lot of noise during the home matches. However, there are several sections within the ground that can be termed as neutral. For visiting supporters who want additional hospitality services, Wanda Metropolitano will be ready to provide the same. As one of the populous and cosmopolitan cities in Europe, there are many advantages of visiting Madrid. A fan will be able to immerse in the wide spread of culture, activities, and things to do.

The number of hotels that are located in and around Wanda Metropolitano are also quite good. However, a visiting supporter will be able to substantially improve their options when looking at Madrid as a whole. Due to the excellent connectivity that Wanda Metropolitano enjoys with the rest of the city, it does not take long to hop onto public transport and get to the stadium.

How to get there by car & Where to park?

Wanda Metropolitano is in the north-east of Madrid, which is the capital city of Spain. Hence, it is well connected by all forms of transport. If you are a supporter who is looking to drive up to the stadium, the key information to remember is that the stadium is about 10 km away from the city centre. This reduces the stress of having to deal with a lot of traffic. The ground is located very close to the E5 and M201. Both these roads will be able to take you to the ground with a lot of ease and there are plenty of signboards that can help you navigate to the ground without any trouble.

If you want to take a taxi, Madrid has plenty of options. The prices charged by a taxi ride are also not very high. For example, it would take around €25 to take a cab ride from the airport to the stadium. This journey should take only around 20 minutes.

At the stadium, fans who travelled by car should have no trouble in finding a parking spot considering that there are 4000 spaces allocated on match days. This involves a remarkable 3000 spaces outside the ground and the remaining located inside the ground. There should be no issues in finding a parking spot. One should remember to pick up a parking pass on match days.

By train or metro

If a fan is taking a train, there are several options to get to the ground. Since the area around the Wanda Metropolitano has undergone a lot of improvement in recent years, there are excellent transport links to this part of Madrid. The primary station that is of interest would be the Estadio Metropolitano, which also happens to be one among the biggest of its kind in Madrid.

For someone who is taking a Metro, the Estadio Metropolitano is the obvious choice. This is on Orange line 7 that will be running from the city centre. For those coming from the city centre, a change is required. An alternative option for those taking the metro would be Station Las Musas, which is once again located on line 7. However, it is a few minutes walk away from the stadium. The Torre Arias is an option to consider for those who do not want to change lines. It is situated on line 5, but you may end up having to walk around 25 minutes to reach the stadium.

If air travel is the preferred option, Madrid enjoys excellent connectivity with all of Europe. The stadium is particularly close to the Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport. However, if you want to get to the centre of Madrid before going to the stadium, the best bet would be to use the Madrid-Cuatro Vientos Airport. Once at the airport, you can expect to pay around €30-€40 for a taxi to the stadium. Alternatively, you will be able to take the several trains, Metro, and buses that ply to the stadium.

There are several bus stops that are located close to the stadium. They include E2, 28, 38, 48, and 140. The price of taking a bus to the Wanda Metropolitano is also extremely low compared to a taxi fare.

Ticket Prices

Just like in every other Spanish stadium, fans can experience huge volatility in ticket prices depending on parameters like the competition, opposition quality, seating position, and more. The prices of a ticket would be considerably cheaper for a member of the official supporters group. The club membership can be purchased at an annual fee of € 58 for adults. The members stand to get a higher chance of getting tickets to top matches like the derby against Real Madrid. The club members who want to frequently visit the games will be able to choose among a range of categories: full pass, La Liga pass, parking pass, mid-season pass, and more.

The ticket prices typically would start from €40. However, a derby game between Atletico and Real Madrid will be very expensive, while Champions League matches are also not far away. One can pick up the tickets on the official site or at the stadium. The west side of the stadium tends to have the cheapest tickets on offer, while a seat in the eastern section will cost around €60.

Disabled Facilities

Wanda Metropolitano is one of the latest stadiums in European football and this freshness can be seen in the facilities available for disabled spectators. For starters, the ground manages to feature an increased distance between the seating rows. This results in better comfort and easy access for a disabled supporter. Furthermore, disabled fans are allowed to come with a pet while others are restricted from doing so. The fans are likely to face any trouble when it comes to finding a parking spot since so many of them in and around the stadium. Some of the spots are designated for disabled fans while special provisions are available for those who want to get wheelchair access.

Fixtures 2020-2021

Atletico Madrid Fixture List (redirects you to the BBC site)

Local Rivals

Real Madrid

Wanda Metropolitano Stadium Tours

Atletico Madrid organises stadium tours at the Wanda Metropolitano for spectators to get a glimpse of the mammoth stadium and its various facets. The tour will be able to cover several aspects of the stadium like changing rooms of players, tunnels used by players before entering into the pitch, press conference rooms, VIP lounge, and more. One can also combine the stadium tour with a visit to the club museum, which is quite large at over 1400 sq m. The customisation options are also extensive, as one can just visit the museum.

The price for general admission stands at €19. However, a club member will be able to get a 50% discount on this price. The tickets can be bought directly at the stadium or one can save a lot of time by skipping the queue if they opt for an online ticket. Apart from showing the club’s history, the museum and stadium tour will provide an insight into this modern and massive ground.

The price of a stadium tour will be just €8 for a junior. All children – irrespective of membership status – will be allowed to enter into the ground without any fee.

Programme and Fanzines

Into the Calderon

Record and Average Attendance

Record Attendance

Atlético Madrid v Real Madrid in 2017


Average Attendance

2019-2020: 42,231 (La Liga)

2018-2019: 56,216 (La Liga)

2017-2018: 55,501 (La Liga)


Game AttendedAtletico Madrid vs Las Palmas
CompetitionLa Liga

Why were you looking forward to this game and visiting the ground itself?

Having already been to Madrid a couple of years ago to watch Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu, I was excited at not only returning to Madrid, but getting to see the red and white half of the city play this time round. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to see the Vicente Calderon before it was sadly knocked down. However I was still very much excited at visiting the Metropolitano.

How easy was your journey/finding the ground/car parking?

We took the metro/underground to the stadium. Navigating the metro in Madrid is easy. We had no issues getting to the stadium from where we were staying in the city centre.

What you did before the game pub/chippy etc, and were the home fans friendly?

We had a beer outside the stadium before the game, which definitely hit the spot! After this, we had a look around the club shop, where I bought myself an Atletico scarf as a little souvenir. Although I had no interaction with the Atletico fans, the atmosphere outside of the stadium with an hour and a half before kick off was quite lively!

What you thought on seeing the ground, first impressions of away end then other sides of the stadium?

As we came out of the nearby metro station and saw the stadium in the distance, it was simply breathtaking to look at from the outside. Once we were inside the stadium, it blew me away even further! Although it probably doesn’t have the charm that the Vicente Calderon had, I definitely think Atletico are lucky to have the Metropolitano as their new home.

Comment on the game itself, atmosphere, stewards, pies, facilities etc..

Well we certainly picked an amazing game to watch! Atletico were completely dominant throughout the whole match, beating Las Palmas 5-0. Although Las Palmas had some decent chances, their defending for the whole game was woeful. Atletico could have had at least 3 more goals. The atmosphere inside the stadium was electric, especially in the south stand, where the Atletico ultras are located. They never stopped singing and chanting throughout the whole match. It is worth noting that alcohol is not served within the concourses inside the stadium. I think this rule also applies to other football stadiums in Spain. So if you want a drink or two before the game, you’ll have to drink outside the stadium before going in.

Comment on getting away from the ground after the game

Getting away from the Metropolitano after the game was quite easy. We were on the metro within about 15 minutes after leaving the stadium. We were back in the centre of Madrid in just under an hour.

Summary of overall thoughts of the day out

It was such an incredible experience getting to watch Atletico play at the Metropolitano! The fans were amazing, the stadium was amazing, everything about it was incredible. Hopefully one day I will be back to see another match and also do a stadium tour as we sadly didn’t have the time on our trip to experience a stadium tour!