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Euro 2021 Tickets: How to attend the games?

Euro 2021 tickets – how things currently stand

The Euro 2021 Championships are quickly approaching, and there’s one double-edged question that is on the lips of every fan looking to attend – can I get tickets, and will the event go ahead as planned? At the time of writing, we’d love to be able to tell you with absolute certainty that fans will be able to get tickets for any game they like, but this would be misleading and a bit of a pipedream right now. If you’re tracking the news, you’ll know that things get all the more complicated when looking at border controls for each of the host countries.

Sure, this puts things in somewhat of a difficult spot if you are looking to purchase tickets for games overseas, but that’s not stopping people! Those who are a bit more cautious, however, are looking to get tickets for games taking place at Wembley Stadium – of which there are seven scheduled. So as far as the overall picture goes, yes, tickets can be purchased and the event is still due to be played according to schedule. But it’s an ever-changing landscape, and it’s one we are tracking rigorously.

Euro 2021 tickets for England vs abroad

Of course, Wembley Stadium is based in London, meaning that there is no requirement for international travel for English football fans looking to watch some Euro 2021 games. But this changes when looking at games in other countries, which is what we will address quickly right here.


If you’re looking to get tickets for England games, they are still on sale through multiple reseller websites online. Roughly, tickets are starting at around £350, which is pretty hefty, but this price tag has meant that many fans have chosen not to go ahead and purchase in advance – leaving plenty of options still on the table for those that want to attend. You can grab tickets for each of England’s group games at Wembley right now, and to be fair, this is the smarter choice as far as Euro 2021 tickets go. Just remember that there is a proposed cap on the number of fans as things stand, so you may want to act sooner rather than later.


For those looking to get tickets for games taking place in any of the host countries overseas, first and foremost, we’d like to stress that yes, tickets can be purchased right now. But this is where the simplicity element ends. There are numerous travel restrictions in place around Europe right now, and some countries have banned international travellers from the UK. While we can’t say with any certainty, it would seem that options such as Spain, Netherlands, and Italy might be the best choices if you’re looking to buy tickets, as these nations might be more welcoming of UK travellers.

Where to get Euro 2021 tickets

In order to get a piece of the action, unless you’ve done so already, you’ll want to grab your tickets well in advance, especially given the restrictions on the number of fans across stadiums all over Europe. Although the tournament is due to kick off in just a couple of months, tickets can still be bought, and you can easily go and purchase them through an authorized reseller. Note that if you pursue this avenue, you’ll be purchasing a ticket from a business that has already purchased them from UEFA in advance – which some customers still view as a little risky given the current situation.

If you want to go down the safer avenue, you can still purchase hospitality packages via the UEFA website. With that said, these packages are far pricier than simply looking for individual tickets, so don’t be shocked if you see some rather large numbers on the screen should you check these out. If you’re feeling a bit aggrieved about the system of ticket sales for this tournament, you’re not alone.

Many fans that applied via the standard route of the ‘follow my team’ option with UEFA, which is essentially a ballot process, didn’t get a ticket. This is where the other options are pivotal should you want to secure your seat for any of the games.

Here is the official site: (you need to create an account to access the full content)

Could the tournament schedule and rules change in the meantime?

As sad as this is to say, just about anything can change in an instant right now due to the changing landscape and changes in rules/regulations. If you needed any proof as to how this could impact the Euro 2021 event, in the last few days we’ve already had Dublin pull out of hosting the event and Spain has had to move its host city location too. So yes, the schedule and rules on fans being allowed in stadiums could absolutely change over the next few months.

There’s one saving grace, however, and surprisingly, it comes from the UEFA president himself. He has stated that the event absolutely has to have fans for it to be successful. No doubt he is looking at this from a business and economic lens, but from our perspective, the tournament just wouldn’t be the same with semi-silent stadiums leading to zero atmosphere.

But with that said, UEFA is simply a governing body for the sport of football, and any government changes that take place between now and then are out of their hands. That’s why many people are still thinking that the tournament will be a little risky to try and attend and purchase tickets for, but ultimately, it’s down to you whether you want to take the risk or not. If you do, just make sure you research the restrictions on international travel and ensure that if you are buying Euro 2021 tickets through a reseller, that there is a refund guarantee attached with your purchase.

If you want to place some bets on the event, have a look at the latest Euro 2021 odds article.