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How to get Man Utd tickets: Everything you need to know

Trying to get tickets for Manchester United games can be tricky at the best of times, but since Erik ten Hag has breathed new life into the club, demand has only grown. Regardless of whether you want to get tickets for home Manchester United games or away matches, the process is difficult and may require patience, luck or a bit of both.

Within this guide, we will explain the process for getting tickets for home and away Manchester United games and whether the process is any different for certain competitions.

Where can I buy Manchester United tickets?

How to get Man Utd tickets at Old Trafford

Buy a Manchester United season ticket

If you are looking to buy tickets to watch Manchester United at Old Trafford then the only way to guarantee yourself a ticket is to purchase a season ticket. There are over 50,000 season ticket holders at Old Trafford with each one guaranteed a ticket in the same seat for all 19 of United's Premier League matches each season.

Season ticket holders are also able to “opt-in” or “opt out” of all cup competitions. If they opt-in, then they are guaranteed their season ticket seat for all home cup games, but they are charged the going rate for each individual ticket. If they opt-out, then the club will sell their seat to other fans on a match-by-match basis.

Man Utd tickets at Old Trafford - how to get Manchester United tickets
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To get a season ticket at Manchester United you are going to need to be patient. As things stand, the waiting list for a season ticket currently stands at around 120,000 people meaning you will have to wait several years once on the waiting list until you are in with a chance of getting your hands on one.

Season tickets range from £532 to £950 depending on whereabouts you choose to sit in the stadium. There are also discounted rates for elderly fans, young adults and children which may make the total price more affordable depending on your individual circumstances.

Do I need to be an official Manchester United member to get tickets?

Yes. If you can't get a season ticket at Old Trafford then the next best thing to do is to become an official member at the club. Members are able to apply for match-day tickets on a match-by-match basis for all home games across all competitions.

The club don't currently operate a loyalty point system for members meaning you have as much chance as every other member for each game. This means that for games with higher demand, the chances of getting a ticket will reduce, regardless of how many other matches you have attended that season.

To buy an official membership at Manchester United, visit the club's official website. Prices start at £20 and go as high as £65 with each membership type having different benefits. Despite that, not one type of membership is prioritised over any of the others when it comes to home game applications.

Man Utd tickets
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Wait for Man Utd tickets to go on general sale

The final way to purchase Manchester United home tickets is to wait for the games that go to general sale. Tickets will go on general sale when tickets are still left remaining after season ticket holders and members have had a chance to purchase tickets. While this doesn't happen often, games in smaller competitions such as the Carabao Cup will often go to general sale.

You may not get to go to the most glamorous games by waiting for general sale tickets but it will at least allow you to sample a Manchester United match at Old Trafford.

Use Sportsbreaks

One other way to get tickets to home Manchester United tickets is to go through the club's official travel partner, Sportsbreaks. Sportsbreaks run trips to Old Trafford which include an overnight stay in a nearby hotel with a match ticket included for fans who either live far away from Old Trafford or for those who have no other way to get a ticket.

As these packages include an overnight stay, the prices are often very high – much higher than the amount for a standard match ticket. However, it is all above board as Sportsbreaks are United's official travel partner and are therefore licensed to offer this kind of service.

How to get Manchester United away tickets

Domestic away games – Apply through the club

Manchester United's away support has long been regarded as the best away following in the country. They are known for selling out their away allocations wherever they go and making their presence known to help their team to victory.

As demand is so high to buy Man Utd away tickets, the club has restricted applications for season ticket holders who have held their tickets for at least three years. You must also have opted into all cup competitions to be eligible to apply for away games.

Once you have met this eligibility criterion, you will then need to apply for each away game on a match-by-match basis and then go into a random ballot. Given the demand, most season ticket holders who apply for every single away game typically only get three or four in the ballots each season.

European away games – Build your credits

While there is no loyalty system in place for domestic away games, the club do have a credit system in place for European away matches. For each European away match you attend, you will earn one credit and each European match is then sold to those with the most credits, working downwards until all tickets are sold.

Man Utd tickets fans on European away game
United fans on a European away trip | Photo by Icon Sport

To be able to start building your European credits, fans will need to wait for matches that go down to zero credits. These are often group matches or ties in unglamorous locations. In order to be able to purchase a ticket with zero credits, you will need to be either a season ticket holder or an official member.

European away games – Use Sportsbreaks

Another good way to get on the credit system if you are an official member or season ticket holder is to purchase a European away ticket through Sportsbreaks. Sportsbreaks are often given a small percentage of United's European away allocations to sell themselves, as they offer day trips to each location.

Fans who purchase a ticket through Sportsbreaks are not only purchasing a match ticket but also purchasing return flight tickets and transfers to and from the stadium. While the prices for these day trips are usually on the high side, they are a good way to get on the credit ladder.

How to buy hospitality tickets at Old Trafford

If you are looking to experience the theatre of dreams in style, then you can always purchase hospitality tickets for each match at Old Trafford. Fans are able to buy tickets for private boxes and/or in certain suites on a match-by-match basis while hospitality season tickets are also available. For full prices and availability, check out the hospitality section on the Manchester United website.

Andy Delaney

Andy is a freelance sports writer with ten years of experience covering major sporting events across Europe. He has also been a season ticket holder at Old Trafford since 2008 and has visited over 40 football stadiums in the United Kingdom and abroad following the Reds.

Articles: 337