Wolves Plan To Expand Molineux To 50,000 Capacity

Wolverhampton Wanderers have made it known that they are planning to expand the capacity of Molineux to around 50,000. The clubs promotion to the Premier League has seen a big increase in demand for season tickets and this coupled with the ambitions of the Club's Chinese owners, means that they are looking to increase capacity.

The Club are planning to first replace the Steve Bull Stand on one side. The new stand will have extensive corporate facilities and once completed it will increase the capacity of Molineux from the current 31,700 to around 36,000. This may also result in away fans being moved from that side of the ground, to be housed instead in the upper tier of the Stan Cullis Stand. The second phase of the development would see the Jack Hayward (South Bank) Stand at one end, being replaced with a much larger single tiered stand of around 10,000. Corners of the stadium will also be filled.

The Steve Bull Stand

Steve Bull Stand

Works could commence on the new Steve Bull Stand at the end of the 2019-2020 season, with the new Jack Hayward Stand following two years later. The news will be welcome to Wolverhampton Wanderers supporters, as at one time the Club's owners were exploring the possibility of building a new out of town stadium. So by staying at Molineux, the Clubs home since 1889, the link with the Club's history is still maintained, plus the stadium is located very close to the City Centre, with all its amenities. When expanded the stadium will be the largest in the Midlands and around the 10th largest in the Premier and Football Leagues.

How The Enlarged Molineux May Look

Molineux Expansion Plans

The artist's impression above is shown courtesy of the Wolverhampton Wanderers FC website.


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