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Football Accumulator Tips

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Ah, the good old accumulator bet – it’s one of the most popular forms of bet to make in the UK, largely due to the entertainment value along with the high potential rewards that this kind of bet can bring. Of course, the trade-off with making accumulator bets is that it is far less likely that you will actually grab a win through this form of bet, but there’s always that small possibility, and that’s what keeps punters coming back for more each and every week.

Accumulator bets can be made within just the English leagues, or they can also be made by combining games across multiple leagues, and even multiple sports if you were so inclined. Basically, an accumulator bet is where you add a market to your bet slip, and then add more and more markets to this same bet slip until you are happy with what’s there. Just to reiterate, you have to get every single bet correct to win any money, which is what makes accumulator bets so difficult to win.

On the plus side, the odds for each leg of your accumulator are multiplied together, which is why the odds can become so high with this kind of bet. Most people bet small amounts on accumulators given the risk that is involved, and we would encourage you to do the same. With that said, we still have some bits of advice that you can use when making your accumulator bets at your chosen online sportsbook provider.

Accumulator betting tips

The remainder of this post will be dedicated to what kind of things you should be looking for when making accumulator bets. Of course, none of this information will guarantee you any success when making these types of bets, but it should definitely help to guide you in the right direction. These tips can be applied to Premier League accumulators, international accumulators, and any other football that is played around the world. Let’s get into it now.

Tip #1 – don’t be swayed by the potential return

When you are adding more and more bets to your betting slip, the potential return will become exponentially larger when the odds are multiplied together. However, don’t let these large numbers sway your decisions, which is easier said than done. It is perfectly normal that when you add more legs to your accumulator bet, the return might then go into the hundreds or even the thousands. But it’s also important to remember that every single prediction needs to be correct in an accumulator bet, so while the odds might go sky high, the risk becomes huge if you add loads of predictions to the same bet.

For that reason, it is much more advisable to keep the number of legs in your slip to a minimum. If you hope to try and win accumulator bets, it isn’t necessarily the greatest thing to add more than 5 different bets to your slip. If you can keep it under this number, this will be best.

Tip #2 – always bet small

As we’ve highlighted several times in this post already, accumulator betting is probably the riskiest form of betting that exists today. So, it would therefore be illogical to bet large amounts of money in this kind of betting. With that said, it should always be the case that you never bet more than you can afford to lose in the first place, but things get even more focused on this when accumulator bets are involved. The amount that you bet should always be relative to the risk that you take on too, and in the case of accumulator bets, the more legs that you add to the slip the less you should be betting.

After all, the return will still be quite large if you combine many different legs into the slip, so there is no real need to take on a large amount of risk.

Tip #3 – combine favourites into the same slip

When placing accumulator bets, it is actually more logical to bet a bit more ‘conservatively’. Of course, the word conservatively only applies to the individual bets that you are adding to the bet, and not the actual form of the bet itself. For example, if you can try to only add selections that have odds lower than 1.5, you will therefore only be adding teams that are red-hot favourites – in theory. Obviously anything can happen in this beautiful game, but by combining many favourites into your slip, you will be increasing your chances of a successful bet, especially given that all of your legs need to win for the bet to be a winner.

If you really wanted to push the boat out, you could throw in one or two long shots to really send the odds much higher, but then again, this is a risky tactic. Just keep in mind that if this ‘risker’ bet is the one that loses, your entire bet will lose.

Tip #4 – keep an eye out for cash out options

If you make your accumulator bets with a reputable online provider, there’s a fairly strong chance that you will have the option to cash out your bet once you have made it. Now, the reason that it’s so important to keep an eye out for cashing out accumulator bets is that there can be large offers, especially if your chosen games are all winning in the early stages of the bet. On top of this, it is quite rare that when all is said and done, that you will have predicted all of the games correctly.

That’s just the nature of placing accumulator bets, but if you keep your finger on the pulse and look for a cash-out at the best time, you might just walk away with a decent return. Once again, this isn’t guaranteed by any means, but it’s one of the best strategies you can use when making accumulator wagers.

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