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Marseille (OM)

Stade Velodrome

Capacity: 67,394 (all seated)
Address: 3, Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
Telephone: +33 491 7656
Fax: +33 491 7607
Ticket Office: +33 491 7656
StadiumTours: +33 491 7656
Pitch Size: 105m x 68m
Pitch Type: Hybrid Grass
Club Nickname: Les Phocéens
Year Ground Opened: 1937
Undersoil Heating: Yes
Shirt Sponsors: Uber Eats
Kit Manufacturer:Puma
Home Kit: White and Blue
Away Kit: Blue and Dark Blue
Third Kit: Nil


If you are looking to experience the stadium in a much deeper way, the stadium tours are operated by the club on a regular basis. These are surprisingly quiet inexpensive with adults being charged just €13 for an entry. There is also a reduced admission fee of €8, while children up to 6 years of age can be part of the tour without any charges. The tickets for these tours are available directly from the stadium. One of the disadvantages is the inability of this tour to accommodate strollers.

It would take around 60 minutes for going through the entire stadium and the numerous sections that are otherwise off the limits. For example, the tour covers the locker rooms, private boxes, press rooms, and the panoramic lounge amongst other sections of the stadium. This is a guided tour where you will get to experience the entire history of Marseille. However, the biggest disadvantage of this tour is that English is not a medium of conversation, as it is only limited to French. Apart from the stadium, the tour also focuses on the achievements and history of the club. Luckily, some of the sections are in English so that you can get a sense of the action.

Even though there are language barriers on the tour, it is a great option if you are a football fan.

The tickets to watch Marseille play at the Stade Velodrome can be picked up in the online or offline route. A special ticket office is present at the stadium, while there are also several official boutiques available for this purpose. One can also pick up tickets online. The pricing of tickets cannot be termed as expensive, but it is also not inexpensive either. One can expect to pay around €30 to around €90 for a good seat in the main grand stand. The seats behind the goal are some of the best in terms of experience, as the hard-core fans can be found in this section. You can expect to pay around €50 for a seat in one of these sections.

The prices for the tickets would be slightly higher when it comes to the Europa League or Champions League games, while top matches like the Le Classique against PSG will also be expensive. Apart from being more expensive, it can be extremely difficult to get tickets for the top matches concerning the large fan base that is actively seeking entry to the game. Still, it is possible to get tickets by being prudent and booking well in advance. Typically, non-members will not be getting access to the tickets for top matches, but there should be no trouble for regular games.

The location of the Stadio velodrome in the south of Marseille makes it quite convenient to reach by car. It is about 3.5 km from the city centre. For those approaching the stadium from the north or the airport, the A55 towards Marseille will be the route to follow. After getting on this road, you will be travelling for around 25 minutes before the stadium comes into the view. Since Marseille is well connected by road, it is even possible to plan a weekend trip by car. For those who are not entirely convinced about their navigational skills, the SATNAV can be programmed to the following address:

3, Boulevard Michelet, 13008 Marseille

Once at the Stadio velodrome, you will find that there is no shortage of parking spots at the ground. There is an extensive quantity of parking spots even on match days. You may have to pay around a few euros for the spot, which is located to the north of the stadium.

Alternatively, one can also decide to take a taxi from the Saint Charles station. This would do away with any of the parking fees and the trouble of having to drive all the way. The charges for a one-way trip from the railway station to the stadium would be €20. However, these costs may end up going up to €50 if you find yourself in the middle of a traffic jam for a lengthy period of time.

By train or metro

Even though the Stadio Velodrome is not in the centre of Marseille, it is very easy to access even on a train or metro. For those travelling from the UK, the city of Marseille is easy to reach by train with Eurostar connectivity available from Paris. The journey from London to Marseille will take around 7 hours, but it is one of the scenic routes on the high-speed train network. You will get into the Marseille city through the Saint Charles train station. Now, it is extremely easy to catch a metro that would take you to the station. Look for a south bond metro line, which will take you to Sainte Marguerite Dromel or Rond-Point du Prado. Do not fret about the choice between these two stations, as both are within walking distance from the stadium.

If you are trying to get to the stadium from the Old Port region, metro line 1 is the ideal choice, but you may have to make a change of stations at Castellane, where you will switch to line 2.

The frequency of TGV trains to different cities like Lyon and Paris makes it an attractive choice for fans. It is recommended to book train tickets several weeks in advance. You can also decide to fly to Marseille and you will head over to the Marseille Provence airport.

The Stade Velodrome is historically rich football ground that was built in 1937 to serve in the 1938 World Cup bid by France. It has been able to host rugby and football events in its glorious history. Now serving as the home of Olympic de Marseille, Stade Velodrome is a great destination for any football fan. This European stadium lives to the bowl style adopted by many stadiums this region. There are four major stands in the stadium and they are named after different athletes – 1920s cyclist Gustave Ganay, runner Jean Bouin, historical figure of the 1720s plague Chevalier Roze, and Marseille supporter Patrice De Peretti.

Tribune Ganay – Located opposite to the Jean Bouin stand, this section was named in honour of cyclist Gustave Ganay. It also comprises of a large VIP section and a large flatscreen for providing fans with crucial information. This section also uses the elliptical style with a number of frames.

Tribune Jean Bouin – This is one of the largest stands in the ground and it houses all the important sections of the stadium like players’ tunnels, dugouts, changing rooms, and more. This is also the place where you can find some of the best executive seats in the stadium.

Virage Nord – This north stand is named in remembrance of the masses about the Patrice De Peretti, who was one of the founders of a Marseille supporters group. He was regarded as one of the most passionate supporters and his close relationship with the club was celebrated by naming this stand in his honour. The stand has a unique structure with a wavy appearance, and it is known for a noisy ambience on match days.

Virage Sud – Located on the southern section of the stadium, this stand is home for the ultras. The supporters club especially make their presence felt in this section.

Record Attendance

65,421 vs Olympique Lyonnais

10th November 2019

Average Attendance

2019-2020: 52,805 (Ligue 1)

2018-2019: 53,012 (Ligue 1)

2017-2018: 46,616 (Ligue 1)

If you want to know more about the facilities available for the disabled, you can directly contact the club.

Marseille Fixture List (redirects you to the BBC site)

Paris St Germain

Football Club of Marseille (free)

The trip to the Stade Velodrome can be intimidating for away supporters. Still, fans who make this trip will be housed in the goal-end of the Virage Nord’s north-east corner. The Tribune Ganay will also hold some of his supporters in the eastern grandstand. Unlike in some stadiums where away supporters are placed in the uppermost tiers, the away supporters at the Stade Velodrome are seen occupying the lower tiers.

Over the years, Stade Velodrome has undergone major revisions. The facelifts have been bringing the stadium in line with the modern trend and demands, which have been placed upon by fans and UEFA. As a result of being one of the destinations for the recent European championships, Stade Velodrome had to undergo a major facelift. As a result, visiting fans will be treated to some of the best seats in football stadiums. In fact, there is not much in the way of bad seats anywhere across the stadium. The Stade Velodrome may not be the best in terms of food and beverage options, but you can come across several small sandwich places that are dotted around the ground.

For fans who want to pick up some merchandise, there are many stores dotted across the city. They will be able to provide access to an incredible range of merchandise. Furthermore, there is an online store from Marseille.

The outdoor culture and weather are strong points of Marseille. Many supporters flock to the ground with the weather being pleasant for most of the year. There are numerous options for visiting supporters to grab a couple of pints of beer or some food which is popular amongst the locals. There are is located in different parts of the city – North and South. Some of the top favourites amongst visiting supporters are:

O’Brady’s Irish Pub

This is an Irish bar that has been set up in Marseille by Jean-Luc Bardy, whose father was responsible for coaching the French athletics team. After a trip to Ireland as a non-drinker, Bardy returned as a drinker with extensive knowledge about beers. This led to the setup of this pub, which is a specialist when it comes to serving Guinness. It is also a great case for sport and enjoying some delicious food.

Brasserie du stade

Brasserie du stade can be considered more as a restaurant and it has some excellent food on offer. There are also top-class drinks for fans before the match. A big advantage with this place is its proximity to the Stade Velodrome, unlike many of the options that are revered for its food and drinks in the city.

The Black Unicorn

This is a British-styled pub in the city. They are a specialist when it comes to showing the games on big screens while still providing options for enjoying Guinness, lagers, and ales. This can be a great choice for a pre-match pint of beer.

Apart from these pubs, there are many options for visiting supporters to dine. As the top European cities for culture and food, Marseille is rich in terms of options. There are also many hospitality boxes in the Stade Velodrome. One can directly contact the club and get most of the itinerary for the trip to fans. Apart from private boxes, the stadium also has a private section where you will be able to enjoy uninterrupted views of the pitch, gourmet buffet, and interact with former Marseille players.

Updated 1st October 2020