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Paris Saint Germain Stadium

Parc des Princes

Capacity: 49,691 (all seated)
Address: 24, rue du Commandant Guilbaud, 75016 Paris
Telephone: +33 147437171
Fax: +33 142308525
Ticket Office: +33 147437171
Pitch Size: 105m x 68m
Pitch Type: Hybrid Grass
Club Nickname: Les Parisiens (The Parisians) / Les Rouge et Bleu (The Red and Blues)
Year Ground Opened: 1897
Undersoil Heating: No
Shirt Sponsors: Fly Emirates
Kit Manufacturer:Nike
Home Kit: Dark Blue & Red
Away Kit: White & Red


Parc des Princes is the place that Paris St Germain calls as home. The French club might be one of the richest in the world, but they continue to use this traditional stadium that underwent a major renovation back in 1972. As a result, Parc des Princes houses a lot of history and it manages to live up to the expectations of a top European stadium. The ground was initially created as a multipurpose venue for hosting football and rugby games. As one of the traditional and iconic venues that were built to the European style, Parc des Princes has the appearance of a bowl. The stadium happens to possess 17 entrances. The key aspect, though, will be the four sections:

Tribune Auteuil – This is the northern stand of the ground. It is located close to the metro station after which it is named. The two-tier design that is seen throughout the stadium can also be found in this stand, which sits just behind the goal. This is a stand where all fans – from different backgrounds – are welcomed without any skew towards a particular set of supporters.

Tribune Boulogne – This is the Southern stand which is also called as the Kop of Boulogne – a name that has been picked up after PSG’s games against Leeds and Liverpool in European competitions. This stand happens to house the most passionate and ardent supporters of PSG.

Tribune Paris – This Eastern stand happens to be the biggest in the stadium even while still maintaining the two tier system that is seen across the ground.

Presidential Tribune – Located at the west, Presidential Tribune is regarded as the main stand. It is also the place where television gantry will be located. The stand gets its name after Francis Borelli, who was the chairman of the club from 1978 to 1991. It is possible to come across the expensive seats at Parc des Princes within this stand. The player tunnels and dugouts are also located in this stand.

Paris is undoubtedly one of the iconic cities in the world. Unsurprisingly, it has a lot of activities that can fill up the entire day and night. The city is filled with a lot of culture, while there are also many cafes and bars that are worth visiting before a match or even after the game. Parc des Princes happens to be located in an area known as Boulogne-Billancourt. There are some amazing places to visit like:

Frog XVI

This is more of a typical bar/pub that would be frequented by a travelling football fan. You can expect to watch a lot of football, drink a lot of beer, and interact with a lot of other football fans. This is quite a multicultural pub that happens to get a lot of visitors from around the world. This bar also happens to possess a good menu of food items that you can have before reaching the stadium, which is around 10 minutes away on a taxi.

Bar à Champagne Eiffel Tower

Technically, this cannot be classified as a pub as it is more of a destination to get some amazing champagne. After all, this is one of the few prerequisites that a football fan can have when visiting Paris/France. Crucially, this place is only a metro ride or a taxi hop away from the ground. If you are feeling quite brisk, the stadium is around an hour away by foot. However, it would only take around 10 minutes on a taxi.

Molitor Le Bar

This is a rooftop bar that gives excellent views of the stadium. Since it is part of a hotel, the bar also manages to provide an excellent view of the hotel’s swimming pool. Other sites that can be seen while sipping a great beer would be the Eiffel Tower, Roland Garros, and more. Basically, Molitor Le Bar gives a bird’s eye view of the city while enjoying some brilliant food.

Paris can be a huge attraction for visiting supporters with its amazing culture, great food, and things to see and visit. There is no shortage of options to experience in Paris. Unsurprisingly, the options to stay and eat are also limitless. As a result of Parc des Princes being quite close to the city centre, fans can get to stay in places that cost as little as £50 per night or even three times this figure.

Once inside the Parc des Princes, fans will be treated to a decent set of facilities even though the stadium has been around for a long time without major renovations. The stadium and its facilities are clean, while the staffs also happen to be very friendly. Irrespective of the place where you are seated, the views are going to be excellent. If visiting fans are hoping for the premium experience, they can go for the VIP packages that are available in plenty at the Parc des Princes. The VIP package, which is also known as the Salon Concorde package, will be able to provide fans with reserved parking space, dinner, and a VIP welcome. The package provides access to seats located at the Borelli Tribune section.

Even though the Parc des Princes is a little far away from the city centre, it is very accessible by car – provided that you are able to navigate the traffic of Paris, which is legendary. The journey to the capital of France can be extremely easy since it is very well connected with road networks to other parts of Europe.

Parc des Princes happens to be located only 4 km away from the Eiffel Tower. For those coming from the south of the city, the D910/Boulogne will be the road and it has to be followed by a left exit towards the end of the ramp. For those coming from the north, the exit will be to Avenue de la Porte de Saint-Cloud/Boulogne. Now, you have to take the right from the ramp and the stadium will come into the vicinity.

The presence of many tourists in Paris makes it a great spot for finding a lot of taxis. However, it is very difficult to judge the cost when taking a taxi to the Parc des Princes, as a lot of it depends on the traffic. If the traffic is very less, expect to take around 25 minutes from the Gare Du Nord to a stadium. This journey will set you back by around €30. However, the cost will effectively be doubled if the traffic is heavy and this is a common sight.

After getting to the stadium, you will find that the parking spots can be a little difficult to identify. It is possible to park on the street, but one can consider themselves as being extremely lucky if a parking spot is found within half a kilometre of the stadium. This is especially true when it comes to match days.

By train or metro

The metro might be the best option for getting to the Parc des Princes, as it is extremely quick and relatively cheap on the pocket. For those heading from the city centre, the line 9 will take fans to the Parc des Princes without any issues. This line will lead to the Porte de Saint-Cloud, which is only five minutes away by walk from the stadium.

If you happen to take the line 10, the station to get off would be Porte d’Auteuil and South bank of Paris – 10 minutes away from the ground by walk. If you are a supporter travelling from London, there are many Eurostar services that provide fast and easy connectivity to the French capital. The Eurostar service will come to an end at the Gare du Nord, which is in the city centre.

The public transport is also well covered with a lot of buses running to the stadium. The best options would be on buses 22, 62, and 72. All these buses would stop at the Porte de Saint-Cloud station, while one can get off at the Porte d’Auteuil by using buses 52 and 32. All these options have been to be very easy to catch and you may also get a ride along with hard-core PSG supporters when taking the work from the metro station.

Once again, the metro and bus might be excellent options for those taking the air to reach Paris. There are two major airports – Orly and Roissy Charles de Gaulle. The former is located in the south of the city and it is a little closer to the centre of the city. It is about 8 miles away from the centre. However, Roissy Charles de Gaulle enjoys a lot more connectivity since it is much bigger in size. It is also 16 miles away from the city centre. Both airports are extremely well connected with public transport but fans can also choose to take the taxi.

The process of picking up tickets to the Parc des Princes can be tricky if you decide to postpone the purchase to the last moment. The availability of tickets does change on a game-to-game basis. The tickets can be purchased online or one can also visit the service point available at the ground. The attendance figures and season ticket holders have grown in number over the last few years. The demand for tickets has resulted in a price increase. A regular match would set fans back by €35, while premium seats can go for €100. At the same time, there are also seating options in the main stand for half this figure. The prices increase for the big matches like the games against Marseille or matches in the Champions League. The official site is a great place to pick up tickets, but several third-party options, which have been officially licensed, are also available

Parc des Princes does not meet the high standards set by the modern stadiums in terms of providing special facilities for the disabled spectators, as it has been around for quite a while. However, PSG are already in talks about a major innovation work and disabled facilities are expected to be one of the first significant improvements. The facilities are available now but they are less in number.

Paris St Germain Fixture List (redirects you to the BBC site)

Olympique de Marseille

Record Attendance

PSG v Waterschei in 1983: 49,575

Average Attendance

2019-2020: 47,517 (Ligue 1)

2018-2019: 46,911 (Ligue 1)

2017-2018: 46,930 (Ligue 1)

There are stadium tours organised by PSG on a regular basis. The duration of a stadium tour lasts for just over an hour. It will provide access to areas of the stadium that are not usually seen like the conference room, trophy wall, changing room, and more. Due to the limited number of individuals who are admitted to a specific tour, it is a better idea to book the dates in advance. Each tour will cost €13 and there are audio/video guides available. The tour is also available in multiple languages like German, Italian, Arabic, and more. The visitor has the opportunity to pay the tour fees in their own currency. For a season ticket holder, the price drops to €5.

Updated 7th May 2021