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Gewiss Stadium

Capacity: 21,747
Address: Viale Giulio Cesare, 18, 24124, Bergamo
Telephone: +39 035 418 6211
Pitch Type: Hybrid Grass
Club Nickname: The Goddess - La Dea
Year Ground Opened: 1928
Shirt Sponsors: Radici Group
Kit Manufacturer:Joma
Home Kit: Black and Blue
Away Kit: White and Blue


The Exterior

Your first impression of the Atalanta ground will vary wildly depending on the stand you arrive at with the stadium encompassing a huge variety of features; the stands range from the classic architecture all the way through to what is almost a futuristic appearance. Somehow though it works to create a beautiful stadium that is truly one of a kind. The most modern-come-futuristic stand is the North Stand; it is definitely the most dominant of the four stands with it’s bold two-tone sections of silvery blue colouring, powerful shape and ultimately the sheer size of it.

Opposite you have an open roof bowl style stand with two more traditional stands running down the length of the pitch; the East Stand is the place to be if you want to be transported back to the Atalanta stadium of old; the architecture of the exterior is on point for the 1928 build and in keeping with the traditional design of Bergamo. Depending on your views of maintaining that history, you might be disappointed to learn that all four stands will soon be taking on the new, modern look as a staged redevelopment is underway.

The Interior

When you take your seat inside what was known as Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia prior to the sponsorship deal that saw ‘Gewiss’ emblazoned around the ground you won’t be disappointed. If you’re seated in the most recently redeveloped North Stand, you’ll be treated to the green hills and orange buildings that peer over the top of the arched bowl stand. The view isn’t bad from that side either though; there is plenty of bushy greenery behind the sharply inclined North Stand whilst the stands either side are two-tiered with blue and white seats arranged to remind you that this is Atalanta’s home.

Aside from the football itself, the pre-game knees up is one of the best – if not the best – parts of an away day. When it comes to visiting Atalanta stadium, you’ll soon have a huge choice of where to get your gut filled and your beak wetted. Part of the stadium renovation is the addition of numerous commercial units; these will be offered to both food retailers and general retail stores with there likely to be 10 plus food units taken up; that’s a pretty decent choice given these options will be in the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Of course, with the development currently ongoing we are not sure who will be taking up the said units.

We do, however, already know there to be a few food offerings at the ground with a Burger King you main choice for food on the go whilst America Graffiti serve up their take on American cuisine; NIMA Sushi is also highly thought of and available at the ground. There is choice further afield too; Ristorante Pizzeria Garden, Bar Bettineschi Bocciodromo, Fuirigioco, Il Baretto and Bar Candy are all a literal stones throw from the Atalanta ground. If sweet is your thing then gelato at Mandorlacchio on Viale Giulio Cesare might be for you.

Forget eateries, forget bars. In fact, forget everything we’ve just written about. The stadium might be situated in a beautiful city with the surrounding area steeped in history but there is only one thing the away fans will take away from Stadio di Bergamo; the atmosphere is absolutely electric – some would say second to none.

The first point to note regarding Stadio di Bergamo is that there is some dedicated parking immediately outside the ground with more to come once the stadium redevelopment is completed. This means that driving to the stadium is an option. For most, you’ll be accessing via highway A4 and using the exit signposted ‘Bergamo’ and heading towards Valli di Bergamo.

There is one key thing to note though; if you’re driving to the stadium, you’ll need to arrive early because as kick off approaches the route around the stadium is only accessible to recognised public transport. When it comes to the public transport, the main option for you is the bus. ATB line number 9 takes you directly into the stadium and has links with the nearby train station and, if you’re visiting from overseas, the airport.

Now, if you’re reading this then there is a good chance that you’re not a regular visitor of Stadio atleti azzurri d’italia. The thing is, even if you’re in Bergamo for the football there is a good chance you’ll want to take more in than simply the Atalanta stadium. You’ll be pleased to know there are a few options. Your best option for a compromise between budget, stay and stadium proximity is probably Residenza del Borgo; it’s just a 500m walk to the ground and costs around £75 a night. If, however, you’re after a budget stay then the £50 per night Conca Fiorita B&B is located just 700m away. Smart House provides another mid-range option at the £75 mark but is slightly further away at 1 mile.

If you’re looking for a 5-star experience then you’ll have to be content with staying away from the stadium. The nearest is 17 miles away; that’s Bianca Relais and comes in north of £200 per night. It is splendid with mountain and lake views but the only way it is convenient is because you can easily link onto the public transport network.

We’ve already spoken about the modern looking North Stand at Gewiss Stadium but it’s not always been that way. The other stands at the ground are proof of that. At least they are right now; this will change over the next year or so with plans in place to revamp the entire stadium. Rewind back to 1928 and the stadium was opened as the Mario Brumana Stadium. Just two stands were present – the west and east stands – and they are both still in place today with an athletics track running around the pitch.

Unlike the stands, the running track has been removed with that decision taken somewhat ironically as the stadium was renamed to Stadio Atleti Azzurri d’Italia. As the millennium came and went, questions started to be raised over how the stadium measured up against the other grounds in Serie A. Since then, renovation has been on the agenda with various tweaks made over the years.

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Updated 22nd October 2021