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How to buy Real Madrid tickets: Full Santiago Bernabeu guide

Real Madrid tickets might be your dream, and with good reason. Attending a game at the historic and iconic Santiago Bernabeu should be on every football fan's bucket list, and even more so after the remarkable €800m renovation implemented in the Spanish capital in 2023.

So, below, Football Ground Guide takes you through all the key information you should know now you're looking to watch Los Blancos in action at their magical home stadium.

Where to buy Real Madrid tickets

The club's official website – – is one of two official ticket sale channels for supporters wishing to attend football matches at the Bernabeu. The other is which sells tickets to all kinds of events, not only sporting. For ease, we recommend using the club's official website, which will only have the matches you're looking for. Tickets are not sold over the phone.

When to buy Real Madrid tickets

First of all, be prepared to buy tickets well in advance. The Bernabeu's enormous 80,000-plus capacity allows for plenty of people to watch Real Madrid in action, but the biggest games will sell out quickly, and smaller games can do so, too.

So, once your plans to visit Madrid are in place, start working on getting your tickets for the football. However, also bear in mind that at many points during the season, due to uncertainty around the fixture schedule, some matches will not be available to purchase until two weeks before.

Keep an eye on where each individual fixture is available to view and, once dates have been confirmed, the schedule for ticket sales is announced.

Real Madrid Stadium Renovation | Luka Modric takes a corner at the new Santiago Bernabeu under the retractable roof
Luka Modric takes a corner at the new Santiago Bernabeu under the retractable roof (Photo by Manu Reino/DeFodi Image/Icon Sport)

Club members are given priority and can access ticket sales by phone (with an exclusive telephone number: 902 24 48 24) and in exclusive sale periods at the stadium's ticket officers. They also get priority purchase on tickets for away matches and can often benefit from a 20% discount.

Furthermore, members get free access to the Bernabeu tour and to Real Madrid Castilla games.

The type of membership required for these benefits is ‘Madridista Premium'. There is a free Real Madrid membership called ‘Madridista' but this won't offer you the chance to buy tickets ahead of the general public.

How much does Real Madrid membership cost?

The Madridista Premium card costs €35 a year.

If you're hoping to attend a match at the Santiago Bernabeu and you want to go on a stadium tour, too, it may well be worth becoming a Madridista Premium cardholder. The Bernabeu Tour alone costs €25, only €10 less, and by becoming a member you'll gain free access to this and you'll get a better chance of grabbing a ticket for the game you want to see.

How to become a Real Madrid member?

Head to and follow the process to purchase a Madridista Premium card.

How to buy Real Madrid tickets

Now, the system is similar if you're a member or not. It's only the date at which you can purchase tickets which differs.

To buy your tickets, you'll want to head to and you may first be presented with a queueing page like this.

Real Madrid tickets queue on Football Ground Guide

If tickets are in high demand, expect a fairly sizeable queue, but you should get through eventually. If you're just browsing on a random day, you should be through to the homepage almost immediately.

The first page you'll then come to is this.

Real Madrid tickets - How to buy - Football Ground Guide
The home screen of the Real Madrid Ticketing page.

From here, you should navigate to the fixture you want to attend and you'll find information on when tickets are available to purchase for club members and the general public. If this information is not present, it's not yet been released, so come back another day.

If you're in the right window to purchase tickets, press ‘buy tickets' and you'll be taken to a map of the stadium, as seen below.

Real Madrid ticket buying page

From here, things should be straightforward enough. However, you might want some help with choosing where to sit in the ground. If so, read on.

Real Madrid ticket prices at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium

First of all, you should know that the view from any seat at the Bernabeu is pretty immense. It's a fantastic stadium. However, in general, the closer you are to the pitch, the better the view will be, and the prices reflect this.

Tickets at Real Madrid vary from around €60 up to a few hundred euros. For a standard league game, the cheapest ticket (as of September 2023) will be found in the upper tiers behind the two goals. These will cost around €60.

Real's most vocal fans stand in the lower tier of the South Stand. So, if you'd like to watch them from the opposite side, buy your tickets in the North Stand. If you'd like to sit above them and feel the noise, sit in the South Stand. Other than that, choose your view to your personal liking!

Santiago Bernabeu Seating Plan

Real Madrid seating plan | Santiago Bernabeu seating plan
The most recent Santiago Bernabeu seating plan (via SeatPick)

What you should know as a non-European buying Real Madrid tickets

Americans, beware! Some US citizens have reported problems buying tickets for the Bernabeu with their American credit or debit cards. That's because many European websites require a technology called 3DSecure for credit cards, which many North American cards don't have. So, you may need to ask a British or European friend for assistance and pay them back.

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