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How to rent a football stadium for events in the UK

Whether you are looking to rent a stadium for training, a charity match, a conference or networking activities, there are plenty of places you can check in the UK. The country is replete with excellent football stadiums, with many clubs ready to let them out on certain days to earn some extra money. With the football season set to take a break in two months, you can be sure there will be plenty of stadiums to rent in the UK, save for Wembley which is set to become a beehive of sporting activities in the summer.

But have you ever wondered how to rent a football stadium for an event? There are a lot of different things to consider. We provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to rent a football stadium in the UK, so you don't have to go through any hurdles while at it.

Why would you rent a football stadium?

Before we dive into the ‘how to rent a football stadium' we just want to answer the question of ‘why' by revisiting some of the reasons we stated at the beginning of this post. There are countless reasons why someone might look to host an event at a football ground; they don't even have to necessarily be keen on the sport.

Let's churn through a few possible scenarios as to why you might be looking to use a football stadium. It could be a lifelong ambition to play on the same turf as your beloved team, you might have given up that dream and now plan on tying the knot there instead. Perhaps you're on the school prom committee or maybe organising a charity do. You could be hosting a business function and see the idea of using a suite that overlooks the football pitch to be a great icebreaker for those who don't know each other too well or perhaps it's the perfect place to host the wake for a lifelong fan.

Of course, it could be something else entirely. The point is, that football stadiums are available for hire in so many more ways than you might initially think and gaining an understanding of what you want is often the first step to achieving it.

Renting a football stadium in the UK

Will it cost a fortune?

In addition to not appreciating the potential of these venues, one of the next biggest turn-offs when it comes to hiring a football stadium is the fear – or at least the assumption – of big costs. It's understandable given the money knocking about in elite-level football nowadays. You'll probably be pleasantly surprised though. There will be multiple options available too so you'll likely be able to flex your budget accordingly.

Take the example of playing on the hallowed turf. Arsenal want £30k to allow people to actually play football at the Emirates. It sounds a bit toppy, doesn't it? By contrast, a side like Everton only want £4k; if you have a group of 30 then that's just £130 per person. We realise you might see 30 people and think ‘pfft' but if you're part of some form of club or hosting a networking event then getting enough people on board becomes much more realistic.

Of course, stepping on the grass is just one thing you can do. All top-level stadiums will have a range of VIP suites in them where you can organise everything from buffets, table service food, drinks at the bar and even going straight to party town with a DJ. Depending on how you tailor your choices, football stadiums can be suitable venues for all kinds of shindig.

What are the steps you need to take?

If you've decided that you would like to rent a football stadium then the chances are you've got a few different things to tick off the old checklist before you get cracking; it's not just an old village hall after all.

Decide on the sort of event you're hosting

We touched on a range of different reasons you might choose to rent a football stadium. It's not necessarily something you'll know immediately though – even if you think otherwise. Something like a business conference screams of rows of seats and a projector and/or lectern. Then again, you could opt for round tables with lunch and drinks as a pre or post-event. Equally, if you're organising a charity auction what are you looking to do? Do you need waiting staff to deliver drinks? Maybe you should just have a free for bar. Do you need one room or would a second where you can keep auction lots hidden from sight be useful? Here is a list of the 9 unique football stadiums you could consider renting.

What is your budget?

When you've gone through the process of deciding what sort of event you're hosting, you'll largely be at the mercy of what football clubs choose to charge. You'll have to be a very accomplished negotiator to haggle an elite football club down in price. That doesn't mean you have no options though. Can you alter the menu on offer to pinch a few pennies? Can you cut heads to fit into a smaller, more affordable suite? Perhaps you need a bigger saving – have you considered a different stadium? If you're not opting for a stadium with emotional pull then lower-league teams could save you big bucks and still provide a strong offering.

Reach out to the club in question

Renting a football stadium in the UK

Once you've decided on the ‘what' and ‘how much' questions the next thing is to make contact with a football club – or clubs. You'll find the contact details on the respective club's website. From here you'll be able to establish the available dates and discuss the finer details of your requirements.

Is there a stadium lease/rental agreement to be signed?

While you can straight away meet the costs in question after finding a stadium in the UK that suits your rental needs, signing of lease agreements applies in some cases. A lease agreement entails the terms of use, agreed fees, termination of the lease, as well as conditions that apply to the agreement should there be damages caused during your event. Lease agreements for renting stadiums tend to be comprehensive, so we recommend reading it extensively to avoid misunderstanding with the stadium owners.

Are there any other perks to renting a football stadium?

So, if you've read this far and are still on the fence as to whether you should rent a football stadium or not then we're just going to cover off a few more factors that make the prospect a good one. A lot of the reasons we're going to mention are fairly obvious but, at the same time, easily overlooked.

Whatever the reason for your event, if you think about other events you've been to you'll soon compile a few problems. There are two big things most people struggle with; finding the venue and, in six months, remembering what it was called. If you opt to rent a football stadium, it's highly plausible you've just solved those problems for your guests. Throw in the fact that most football stadiums are surrounded by decent transport links e.g. train stations, car parks and hotels and you've nailed another major issue guests can encounter.

There you have it, it's time to go and smash your event.

last update : May 2024

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