Millwall Den Expansion Plans

Millwall have published plans to expand the capacity of the Den from 20,134 to 34,000. This would involve adding an additional tier to each side of the existing ground. The expanded stadium would also have a new 'wraparound' brick facade, imitating railway arches (and looking a little bit like the Coliseum in Rome) in keeping a link with the area's industrial past and the history of the club.

How The Stadium Might Look

Proposed Expanded Millwall Stadium

The above artist's impression is courtesy of Millwall FC

Not that long ago the Club faced an uncertain future over whether they could continue playing at the Den, but with that issue now resolved the Club wish to make big strides forward and create an iconic looking ground that would be of Premier League standard. However the designs are purely at a concept stage and there are many hurdles for the club to overcome to make them a reality. These include extending the lease of the current Den ground and gaining permission to construct other buildings nearby that would help finance the project. So we will watch this space!

The Current Den

The Den Millwall


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