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World Cup 2022 stadiums: Full info and match list for the eight Qatar venues

With the 2022 World Cup due to kick off this month, expectations are already rising for what promises to be another classic event. Of course, the 2022 World Cup is due to take place in Qatar, which is already one unique factor of the event. On top of that, it’s actually the first time that the event will be held in November/December, mainly due to the sheer heat of Qatar during the regular summer months. And since it will be played in Qatar, as you might imagine, there are some spectacular stadiums lined up to host the matches.

This is actually what we’d like to look at in more detail right here, to highlight just how awesome these stadiums promise to be. All of the World Cup 2022 stadiums have their own bit of flair too, and we are pretty excited to share this information with you.

Lusail Stadium

luhail stadium

Key info:

  • Capacity: 80,000
  • Location: Lusail City
  • Completed: November 2021

World Cup 2022 Matches at Lusail Stadium:

  • Argentina vs Saudi Arabia
  • Brazil vs Serbia
  • Argentina vs Mexico
  • Portugal vs Uruguay
  • Saudi Arabia vs Mexico
  • Cameroon vs Brazil
  • Round of 16 Match 8
  • Quarter Final 2
  • Semi Final 1
  • Final

If you thought that the 60,000 capacity was impressive at the Al Bayt Stadium, you’ll be more impressed with the 80,000 that Lusail Stadium can hold. Out of all of the Qatar 2022 stadiums, this one is actually the largest in terms of the overall capacity. This in itself is certainly a huge feat for the designers, but there is more too. When looking from the outside, the Lusail Stadium reflects the sunlight with shimmering gold, and the oval shape of the stadium with differing heights around the circumference is equally as stunning. If that wasn’t enough, the whole stadium is engulfed by a circle of water which makes the stadium shine even more.

Icon 66158625

Like the other stadiums being used for the 2022 World Cup, the Lusail Stadium will be cooled using solar power and have a zero carbon footprint.. To highlight the sheer size of this construction project, the development started in April of 2017 and was completed in April 2021 and was inaugurated on 9 September 2022 with the Lusail Super Cup game. Out of all the World Cup 2022 grounds, we must admit that this is one of the best from an aesthetic standpoint.

Lusail is one of the many Qatar World Cup Stadiums to have on your watch list in the coming weeks. The good news for soccer fans is that matches that will take place at the arena are already scheduled. There will be 5 group fixtures at Lusail, 1 round of 16 games, 1 quarterfinal and one semifinal event. Most importantly, Lusail World Cup Stadium 2022 in Qatar will host the finals. For now, it is difficult to tell which team will reach the finals but you can make an outright guess and bet on the team likely to lift the World Cup 2022 trophy.

Note that Lusail is an 80,000-capacity arena, which is double the capacity of most Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums.

Al Bayt Stadium

Icon MIS 210122 albayit149a 1 1

Key info:

  • Capacity: 60,000
  • Location: Al Khor City
  • Completed: November 2021

World Cup 2022 Matches at Al Bayt Stadium:

  • Qatar vs Ecuador
  • Senegal vs Netherlands
  • Morocco vs Croatia
  • Spain vs Costa Rica
  • Qatar vs Senegal
  • England vs USA
  • Belgium vs Morocco
  • Netherlands vs Qatar
  • Iran vs USA
  • Canada vs Morocco
  • Costa Rica vs Germany
  • Round of 16 Match 4
  • Quarter Final 4
  • Semi Final 2

Al Bayt is a notable venue among the World Cup 2022 stadiums. Al Bayt has a 60,000 seating capacity, which is 20,000 seats less than Lusail Stadium. Notably, Al Bayt Stadium will host 5 group stage matches, 1 of the round 16 fixtures, 1 quarterfinals game and one of the two semifinals. The venue has a retractable roof, making it a unique arena among the others and was inspired by the bayt al sha’ar of Qatar’s nomadic people, the stadium’s magnificent tent structure envelopes an ultra-modern football stadium.

This is the stadium that will host the World Cup opening ceremony, for which the stadium is expected to be absolutely packed out – with 60,000 people in attendance! In previous World Cup events, the opening ceremony is generally pretty spectacular, and we expect that this one will be no different. At the time of writing, the stadium has actually been finished for only a matter of weeks, and there are a few unique design elements to this one. For starters, this is classified as a ‘green stadium’, meaning that it is friendly to the environment, especially compared to other stadiums around the world. To add to this, the design appears to follow a somewhat seashell appearance, which makes it rather unique too.

Icon 014483 0022

Of course, we expected that many of the World Cup 2022 grounds would have some interesting designs, and we must say, we actually quite like this one! Currently, the stadium is the home of the Qatar national team, so as you might have guessed, this will be the location for the opening game involving Qatar. But it’s not just the opening game that this stadium will host, as the stadium will actually have 5 group matches played there, along with several knockout games – including the semi-final! Sure enough, we expect there to be plenty of entertainment taking place between those walls, and with 60,000 fans, we expect the volume to be pretty impressive too.

Al Janoub Stadium

Icon 20220328 PXL A Janoub 0005

Key info:

  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Location: Al Wakrah
  • Completed: May 2019

World Cup 2022 Matches at Al Janoub Stadium:

  • France vs Australia
  • Switzerland vs Cameroon
  • Tunisia vs Australia
  • Cameroon vs Serbia
  • Australia vs Denmark
  • Ghana vs Uruguay
  • Round of 16 Match 5

Al Janoub is a World Cup 2022 stadium that will equally host several matches. The arena was opened in 2019 and features 40,000 seats. Like the above world cup 2022 stadiums, there will be 5 group stage games at Al Janoub and a single round 16 match. Note that the World Cup 2022 stadium is located in Al Rayyan.

Icon BC0V6127

Once again, the architects behind this one have done an unreal job. When looking from above, the Al Janoub Stadium looks more like a sail-boat rather than a football stadium, as the external features are smooth and they follow a very slick design. The Stadium includes a retractable roof. And out of the other stadiums that will be used during the World Cup, this one was completed super early. It has now been standing there since May 2019 – in all its glory! When the World Cup does finally kick-off too, this one will play host to 6 different matches, including 5 group matches and 1 knockout game. With a 40,000 capacity, we are certain that the Al Janoub Stadium will prove to be fairly lively!

In terms of the designers, this one was masterminded by an Iraqi-British architect by the name of Zaha Hadid. Of course, once these designs were drawn up, the responsibility fell on the construction company themselves – AECOM. When looking at photos of this stadium, one cannot deny that they have done a simply exceptional job of building the stadium to be as beautiful as possible. We also expect that the stadium will be all the more impressive once it is lit up at night and full of fans – but we will all have to wait for the privilege of witnessing this.

Khalifa International Stadium

Icon 13283440

Key info:

  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Location: Aspire Park, Al Rayyan
  • Completed: 1976

World Cup 2022 Matches at Khalifa International Stadium:

  • England vs Iran
  • Germany vs Japan
  • Netherlands vs Ecuador
  • Croatia vs Canada
  • Ecuador vs Senegal
  • Japan vs Spain
  • Round of 16 Match 1
  • Third Place Play Off

This is actually one of three Qatar stadiums that have been built in the Al Rayyan region, but believe it or not, the stadium has been around since the 1970s. Then again, as you’d expect, this one received a major overhaul for the upcoming event, with major changes being made back in 2017. It is actually the very first stadium in the whole world to be awarded 4-stars from GSAS. This in itself is rather considerable, and it definitely makes it one of the better World Cup 2022 grounds to take note of. The appearance of the roof was inspired by the sails of traditional Dhow boats, used by pearl divers from the region, weaving through currents of the Persian Gulf.

Icon BC0V6127 scaled

As a critical part of world cup 2022 stadiums, Khalifa International Stadium is ready and set for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is another 40,000-capacity World Cup stadium that will host 5 group stage games this November. It will host 1 game in round 16 and the third place fixture. The venue is only 10km from Doha. Notable group stage matches that will be staged at Khalifa International Stadium are England vs Iran, Germany vs Japan, Netherlands vs Ecuador, Croatia vs Canada, Ecuador vs Senegal and Japan vs Spain. The third place game in this stadium will take place on Saturday 17th December 2022.

As it happens, this stadium is no stranger to high-end football action, as it has previously been the host of tournaments such as the 2011 Pan Arab Games. And now, the stadium will once again host high-end action in the form of 7 different World Cup games. Arguably, the one with the most prestige will be the game for third place, but who knows who will be involved in this game? Either way, we expect there to be an awesome atmosphere there, and even if you can’t attend, you’ll still get to see this stadium in all its glory on TV.

Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium

Icon 220329 PXL Al Rayyan007

Key info:

  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Location: Umm Al Afaei
  • Completed: 2003

World Cup 2022 Matches at Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium:

  • USA vs Wales
  • Belgium vs Canada
  • Wales vs Iran
  • Japan vs Costa Rica
  • Wales vs England
  • Croatia vs Belgium
  • Round of 16 Match 2

This is second stadium that has been built in the Al Rayyan region. The Al Rayyan Stadium is built on the site of the former Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium which had been demolished to pave the way for this one, with over 90% of the rubble from this demolition used to build the new one – talk about utilizing resources! Following this demolition job, it would be fair to say that the stadium has seen some rather extravagant improvements. When you see the stadium today, it has a solid metal casing around the entire venue, not to mention that the capacity has been doubled to now support more than 40,000 spectators.

Icon 015693 0022

With that said, we don’t feel that this one has received quite the same injection of cash as some of the other ones, which is probably why the rubble of the previous stadium is being re-used. However, there is still no denying that this stadium is pleasant to look at, especially from inside the ground where there are a ton of lights and great seating facilities.

Stadium 974

Icon 220330 99 732483 dpai

Key info:

  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Location: Ras Abu Aboud
  • Completed: November 2021

World Cup 2022 Matches at Stadium 974:

  • Mexico vs Poland
  • Portugal vs Ghana
  • France vs Denmark
  • Brazil vs Switzerland
  • Poland vs Argentina
  • Serbia vs Switzerland
  • Round of 16 Match 6

Of the various World Cup 2022 grounds discussed here, the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, also known as Stadium 974, is definitely one of the more ambitious ones. Believe it or not, it has a modular design, and incorporates 974 recycled shipping containers in homage to the site's industrial history (and the international dialing code for Qatar +974), which somewhat keeps in line with the theme of Qatar making all stadiums as ‘green’ as possible. But to make things more impressive at Ras Abu Aboud, the stadium is expected to support 40,000 spectators – despite the fact that there are no continuation plans for the stadium beyond the 2022 event.

Icon 220330 99 732471 dpai 1

It is the first temporary venue in FIFA World Cup history. Despite this fact, Stadium 974 will host 6 matches, five in the group stages and 1 game in round 16. At the end of the World Cup 2022, the area will be completely demolished to pave way for a recreational waterfront. The shipping containers and seats used by the stadium are later to be dismantled and provided as assistance to other under-developed countries in the world.

Al Rayyan – Education City Stadium 40,000

Icon BC0V4863

Key info:

  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Location: Al Rayyan
  • Completed: June 2020

World Cup 2022 Matches at Education City Stadium:

  • Denmark vs Tunisia
  • Uruguary vs South Korea
  • Poland vs Saudi Arabia
  • South Korea vs Ghana
  • Tunisia vs France
  • South Korea vs Portugal
  • Round of 16 Match 7
  • Quarter Final 1

The third stadium that has been built in the Al Rayyan region is the Education City Stadium, which completed in June 2020, has been given the nickname “Diamond in the Desert”. Sure enough, this one was built in record time, especially since there were plans to use the stadium for other competitions before the World Cup started. Just like all of the other World Cup 2022 stadiums, this was a multi-million dollar project, but when looking at photos, it would be fair to say that the ultimate outcome reflects the price tag. This stadium is simply breathtaking, and it screams all of the glitz and glamour that Qatar has become famous for over the years.

Icon 220330 99 732338 dpai scaled

Education City Stadium is another new construction that adds to our rich list of Qatar World Cup stadiums. The Education City stadium boasts a 40,000 seating capacity and world-class sports facilities. The stadium hosted five matches during FIFA Arab Cup 2021 and is set to host 5 matches in group stages, one game in the round of 16 and one quarterfinals game.

However, like many of the other stadiums we’ve talked about here, this capacity will then be drastically reduced following the conclusion of the World Cup. We’d imagine that this is the case in order to maximize revenue from the massive event, especially since the stadium is expected to host one of the quarter-final games! Notably, the seating capacity of the Education City stadium will be reduced by half at the end of the tournament. The seats will then be donated to developing countries, a charitable act that will go a long way in promoting soccer in other parts of the world.

Al Thumama Stadium

Icon 20220328 PXL Al Thumama 0002

Key info:

  • Capacity: 40,000
  • Location: Al Thumama
  • Completed: October 2021

World Cup 2022 Matches at Al Thumama Stadium:

  • Senegal vs Netherlands
  • Spain vs Costa Rica
  • Qatar vs Senegal
  • Belgium vs Morocco
  • Iran vs USA
  • Canada vs Morocco
  • Round of 16 Match 3
  • Quarter Final 3

And finally, the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha is another one that will host a total of 7 World Cup games next year. Naturally, this includes 5 regular group games and 2 knock-out games, of which the stadium is expected to see spectators in excess of 40,000. Sure, this doesn’t make it one of the larger grounds for the games, but this by no means diminishes the overall appeal of the stadium. It will host several games in the 2022 World Cup. Al Thumama Stadium was launched in 2021 and has been a venue for several games ahead of the FIFA World Cup in November/December. In the October of 2021, Al Thumama hosted The Emir Cup Finals. Visitors looking to watch their countries play at Al Thumama should get acquainted with events that will take place here.

Icon BC0V9014

As part of the newly built Qatar 2022 World Cup stadiums, Al Thumama will feature 5 group stage fixtures, one round 16 duels and one quarter-final encounter.

The construction company that had the contract for this one is also based in this part of the world, and the stadium takes its inspiration from the traditional taqiyah hat, a traditional cap which is worn by men and boys across the Middle East.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which will be the first game at Lusail Stadium?

The first game that will be played here is a Group C match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia. Al Lusail is one of the world cup 2022 stadiums that will host a semifinal match.

Which is the biggest of the world cup 2022 stadiums?

Lusail Stadium, located 15km north of Doha is the biggest Quarter World Cup stadium with a seating capacity of 80,000.

Which game will be the first Ahmad Bin Ali stadium?

USA vs Wales will be one of the World Cup Stadiums 2022 openers. Ahmad Bin Ali is one of the several World cup 2022 stadiums with 40,000 seats.

Which of the Qatar World Cup 2022 stadiums will host Qatar vs Ecuador match?

The match will be live at Al Bayt stadium in Al Khor city. The World Cup stadium 2022 will also be England vs USA, Spain vs Germany and Costa Rica vs Germany.

How many Qatar World Cup stadiums are ready for the event?

There are a total of 8 World Cup stadiums in 2022 ready for the soccer event set to begin in November 2022.

World Cup 2022 Grounds – Final Thoughts

All that’s left is to sit back and wait for the event to kick-off, and we definitely can’t wait to see what all of the World Cup 2022 stadiums will have in store, both for spectators and players. It’s definitely going to be a slightly different World Cup than what we have seen in the past, but different usually means more exciting!

And with millions of spectators (total) who could be in attendance for the World Cup, it’s going to be an event to remember, that’s for sure.

last update : May 2024

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